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Health tourist Bimbo Ayelabola – that travelled into the United Kingdom while pregnant – incurred the shocking prices when she’d to have an intricate caesarean section in the year 2011. Even though the performance and neo natal healthcare for her five infants cost nearly £, 150, 000, the 31 year old hasn’t paid a penny towards the bill. Ms Ayelabola is a prosperous make-up artist and drives around, 17, 000 car in her native Nigeria. The hospital that treated hasn’t chased her for the money, leaving UK taxpayers to stump up its money for her treatment. Ms Ayelabola even claimed that she’d pay the expenses if she was slapped with invoice and added: I’ve never got my invoice.

They blamed me I came into the United Kingdom and I came to utilize the system. If it’s an issue in the United Kingdom, you should talk to the NHS. The hospital included confessed yesterday that it is just bothered to send 1 request for payment 6 months after she left the hospital. Homerton Hospital in Hackney failed to take any additional action when the invoice has been returned unpaid and confessed that it’d not be chasing Miss Ayelabola for the money – 4 years after she obtained the health care. The Nigerian mother got a visitor’s visa long after finding she was pregnant and going to Britain to remain with her younger sister, Stella, throughout her pregnancy.Miss Ayelabola prematurely gave birth into two boys and 3 identical girls at its East London hospital in April 2011. But she denied coming to the United Kingdom solely to give birth, making claims she’d no idea she was anticipating one or more kid and who had planned into return into Nigeria into have its children. She said: I stayed later my children were born because my kids were sick. Campaigners slammed its case as Galling and asking for an inquiry into its hospital’s failure to recuperate its cash.

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